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Eonni De-Stress Eye Mask

Eonni De-Stress Eye Mask

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Whenever You Need To "De-Stress"

Double Perfect Eye Repair

Get Rid Of Tired Eyes And Regain Youthful And Bright Eyes

The Texture Is Silky And Refreshing, Specially Added With The Natural Plant Whitening Active Factor From Italy - Resveratrol, Combined With The Anti-Blue Light Factor Blumilight, The Butterfly-Shaped Eye Mask Design Can Be Closely Attached To The Eye Area, Intensively Nourishes The Skin, Resists Electronic The Blue Light Released By The Product Damages The Skin Cells, Promotes The Circulation Of The Under-Eye Muscles, Effectively Improves Eye Skin Problems Such As Fine Lines, Dullness, Relaxation, And Puffiness, And Comprehensively Repairs The Eye Skin, So That The Eyes Are Restored To A Brighter Look.

10 Pairs X 5ml

How To Use

After Cleansing, Apply The Eye Mask To The Eye Area For 5-10 Minutes, Massage Gently To Help Absorb The Remaining Essence.

Main Function

Strengthen, Repair, Protect

Products Are Valid Until November 2023