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Eonni High Precision Mask

Eonni High Precision Mask

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For The Instant "Lifting-Up"

Firming, Repairing, Freezing

Instantly Boosts Skin's Youthfulness

Promote Skin Cell Renewal And Metabolism, The Tailoring Design Close To The Face Skin Makes The Marine Collagen Ingredients Easily Absorbed By The Skin, Nourishes The Skin, Improves Dryness, And Makes The Skin More Elasticity, Helps Reduce Dry Lines And Leaves Skin Soft And Supple.

30g X 6

How To Use

After Cleansing, Take Out The Mask And Apply It To The Face. After 10-15 Minutes, Remove The Mask And Gently Massage The Face To Help The Remaining Essence Absorb Or Wipe Off With A Damp Cotton Excess Essence.

Key Benefits

Freezing Age, Firming, Repairing

Product Valid Until March 2024