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Eonni Phyto Collagen Essence Cream

Eonni Phyto Collagen Essence Cream

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Daily Perfecting Cream

Infuses Skin With Rich Japanese Plant-Based Collagen

Plump, Elastic, Skin Self-Healing Ability Level Up!

Using The Latest Japanese Technology To Extract Plant Collagen, Safe And Mild, Rich In A Variety Of Amino Acid Nutrients, Inject Rich Collagen Into The Skin, Give The Skin Multiple Nourishing, Moisturizing Effects, Long-Lasting Locks In Skin Moisture, Fights Skin Problems Such As Dryness And Roughness, Dull Complexion, Fine Lines And Dry Lines, And Improves Skin Elasticity From The Inside Out; It Is Compounded With A Variety Of Natural Plant Extracts To Soothe And Astringe The Skin, Enhance The Skin's Self-Repairing Ability, And Regain Its New Look. Moisturizing, Brightening, Youthful And Firm


How To Use

After Cleansing And Toning, Apply An Appropriate Amount To Face And Neck, Massage Gently For Absorption.

Key Benefits

​Plump, Elastic, Repair

Product Valid Until January 2024