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Eonni Phyto Collagen Plumping Mask

Eonni Phyto Collagen Plumping Mask

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One Step To “Baby”-Looking Skin

Infuses Skin With Rich Japanese Plant-Based Collagen

​​Skin Is Instantly Supple, Supple, Firm And Smooth

Using The Latest Japanese Technology To Extract Plant Collagen, Safe And Mild, Rich In A Variety Of Amino Acid Nutrients, Inject Rich Collagen Into The Skin, Deeply Lock Water, And Moisturize The Skin For A Long Time. A Breathable Hydration Film Is Formed On The Skin Surface To Relieve Dry And Tight Skin Problems; With Organic Chamomile Extract And Vitamin B5 Ingredients, It Can Enhance The Skin's Self-Repairing Ability, Maintain The Skin's Water-Oil Balance, Improve Rough And Dull Complexion, And Restore The Skin To Water. Tender, Elastic, Firm And Smooth.

​30g X 6

How To Use

After Cleansing, Take Out The Mask And Apply It To The Face. After 10-15 Minutes, Remove The Mask And Gently Massage The Face To Help The Remaining Essence Absorb Or Wipe Off With A Damp Cotton Excess Essence.

Key Benefits

​Plump, Elastic, Repair

Product Valid Until July 2024