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Eonni Priming Moisturizer Perfect Repair Cream 50ml

Eonni Priming Moisturizer Perfect Repair Cream 50ml

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Luxurious Face Cream

Perfect Care For Every Inch Of Skin

Reduces Soft And Lustrous Girly Skin

A Silky And Dense Nourishing Cream, The Amount Can Be Customized To Match Any Skin Type And Skin Condition Of The Weather, To Achieve A Perfect And Smooth Skin Texture, And Can Be Perfectly Displayed Whether After Makeup Or Without Makeup Good Skin Breath.

Enriched With Ecocert Certified Natural Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Factor, Providing A Steady Stream Of Water For The Skin, The Skin Is Lasting Moisturizing And Elastic; It Is Compounded With Natural Shea Butter And A Variety Of Natural Plant Extracts , Deeply Nourishes The Skin, Effectively Improves The Dryness Of The Skin, And The Skin Is Supple And Moving.

\Main Ingredients

​​​[Hyaluronic Acid]: It Is Very Similar To The Tissue Between Human Cells And Cells. The Average Molecular Weight Of The Polymer Structure Is About 1.5 Million, And It Has Long-Lasting Moisturizing Properties , Can Help Skin Maintain Youthful, Healthy, Supple And Elastic.

[Shea]: Shea Is A Plant With Miraculous Maintenance Properties. Most Of Them Grow In The Tropical Rainforest Area Between Senegal And Nigeria In Africa. They Are A Hardwood That Grows Up To 15 To 20 Meters Tall And Can Often Be Hundreds Of Years Old. Shea Butter Is A Natural Plant Extract, Which Can Gently Care For The Skin, Suitable For Weak, Sensitive And Fragile Skin. It Can Not Only Prevent Dryness, But Also Further Restore And Maintain The Natural Elasticity Of The Skin, And Has A Good Deep Moisturizing Effect; It Is A Product Suitable For Dry And Combination Skin.

Shea Butter Provides Skin With A Rich Source Of Vitamins A, D, E, F, Etc., To Supplement The Skin With Sufficient Nutrients, Can Effectively Help Cell Regeneration And Promote Microvascular Circulation; Can Effectively Prevent Skin Aging, Dryness, Bursting And Other Problems.

​[Shu Minjia]: The Root Of Astragalus Membranaceus Essence, Parsnip Root Essence, Calendula Flower Essence, Acacia Flower Essence, And Gastrodia Elata Root Essence Are Synthesized. It Is Blended With Natural Herbal Plant Essences. It Is Extremely Mild, Safe And Free Of Additives. Improve The Redness, Swelling, Tightness And Tingling Symptoms Of Allergies, Improve The Resistance Of The Skin Tissue Against The External Environment, Help Repair The Skin, Reduce The Loss Of Skin Moisture, And Protect The Skin Barrier.

[Olive Squalane]: Squalane Extracted From The Oil Is Refined Into Skin Care Formulations. The Texture Is Smooth And Has Good Penetration (Penetrates Into The Stratum Corneum), Highly Penetrates And Can Lock In Moisture, Soften Fine Lines And Restore Skin Vitality.

[Vitamin E]: Vitamin E Helps Moisturize The Skin Is Highly Anti-Oxidant And Can Be Hydrated To Prevent Or Treat Dry Skin.


​How To Use
After Cleansing And Toning, Take An Appropriate Amount And Apply To Face, Followed By Cream.

Main Benefits
Nourishes, Smoothes, Hydrates