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eonni rosy dreamy hair mask

eonni rosy dreamy hair mask

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strengthening and deep conditioning
hair beauty The Magic of

​Selected Conditioner & Repair Ingredients Organic Moroccan Argan oil can deeply penetrate and rebuild the hair structure. By forming a protective film on the surface of the scalp, it can effectively resist the damage caused by air pollution and hair styling, deeply and intensively repair the hair, and restore the strength and vitality of the hair; Silk protein and rose essential oil can help nourish dry, fragile and damaged hair, improve frizz and split ends, and make hair feel full and smooth at any time. Continuous use, hair is rejuvenated and brilliant. down to the ends!


< p>Main ingredients

【Organic Moroccan Argan Oil】,【Hydrolyzed Silk Protein】,【Bulgarian Rose Aroma Oil​】

​ How to use

​After shampooing, apply the hair mask to the hair thickly (about one inch away from the hair root), massage gently for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse with water.

The product is valid until April 2024