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Caprina Canadian Fresh Goat Milk Body Wash 500ml

Caprina Canadian Fresh Goat Milk Body Wash 500ml

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  • Made in Canada, Fresh Goat Milk Recipe
  • Gentle cleansing, skin friendly, hypoallergenic, moisturizing and silky, moisturizing and soothing dry skin
  • Suitable for dry, sensitive and any type of skin
  • No 6 major irritants: No MIT, CMIT, Paraben, Phosphate, Gluten, Added Colors
  • Contains natural herbal extracts, natural fragrance, fresh and pleasant
  • Contains more than 90% natural ingredients, and the ingredients are tested by the NATURAL Verifiers natural and organic organization in the United States
  • Fresh goat milk is rich in natural moisturizing nutrients: protein, vitamins A, B2, B3, B6, B12, E, minerals, triglycerides
  • Fresh goat milk pH/pH is compatible with human skin, mild in nature and zero irritation, can balance oil and moisture, repair and strengthen the natural barrier of healthy skin, and help prevent Bacterial invasion
  • Fresh goat milk has small fat molecules, which help nutrient absorption and reduce skin irritation, enhancing moisturizing, protecting, and locking moisture
  • Safe ingredients, quality assurance

How to use:
1. Bath: Take an appropriate amount of body wash on the palm, towel or match with a bath ball, add water and rub until it lathers, then apply on the whole body, then rinse with water to cleanse, Skin feels soft and supple.
2. Bath: first pour a proper amount of shower gel into the bathtub, put a suitable amount of water, rinse out a small amount of foam, soak in the bath to soften the skin and relax the whole body, then rinse with water Clean, skin feels soft and supple after use.
How to use:
1. Shower: Take an appropriate amount of Bubble Bath on hand, bath towel or bath sponge and rub until foaming. Wash and then rinse thoroughly.
2. Bath: Pour an appropriate amount of Bubble Bath under warm running water for a relaxing bath experience.

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