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Embryolisse Omnipotent Miracle Hydrating Serum Hydra-Serum 30ml

Embryolisse Omnipotent Miracle Hydrating Serum Hydra-Serum 30ml

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Main Ingredients< /Strong>

  • High Molecular And Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid, White Water Lily Extract
  • 96% Natural And Compact Formula Reduces The Chance Of Allergies
  • Consistent Ingredients, Mild Hypoallergenic, Free Of Parabens, Colors, Alcohol, Mit/Cmit

Key Benefits

  • Infuses And Hydrates The Skin, Penetrates Deep Into The Bottom Of The Skin To Solve The Problem Of Dryness, And Restores Moisture And Plumpness
  • Helps Oily And Dry Skin To Quickly Restore The Balance Of Water And Oil
  • The Texture Is Silky And Light, Easily Absorbed By The Skin, And It Is Refreshing And Non-Greasy After Use
  • Tested*:
    • Skin Regains Suppleness, Softness And Radiance 96%
    • Skin Plump And Supple             100%
    • Easy Skin Absorption, Refreshing And Non-Greasy 100%
    • Skin Regains Health And Radiance 93%

      How To Use< /Strong>

      • After Toning, Take Morning And Evening Apply An Appropriate Amount To The Face And Neck, Massage Gently Until Absorbed, Then Apply The Top Cream

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