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Eonni Micellar Cleansing Water

Eonni Micellar Cleansing Water

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Soothing And Purifying

Natural Plant Purification Ingredients

Gentle And Fast-Acting Makeup Remover

The Mild Makeup Remover Formula Can Gently Dissolve Heavy Makeup, Grease, Sunscreen, Etc. On The Eyes, Lips, And Face, Preventing Skin Problems Such As Yellowing And Acne Caused By Residues On The Face. Skin Is Clean And Refreshed. A Variety Of Natural Plant Extracts Are Specially Added To Help Soothe The Skin, Maintain The Skin's Sebum Barrier, And Reduce Moisture Loss. After Removing Makeup, The Skin Is Clean, Smooth, Hydrated And Full.


How To Use

Wet A Cotton Pad, Gently Wipe The Face And Eyes, Then Rinse With Water Or A Cleanser.

Key Benefits

Remove, Purify, Soothe

Product Valid Until June 2023

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