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Eonni Phyto Collagen Essence Cream

Eonni Phyto Collagen Essence Cream

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Phyto Collage Originated In Japan

100% Japanese Plant-Based Collagen

​Extremely Fast Penetration, Extremely Moisturizing, Replenishing Collagen, Plumping And Beautifying Skin

Collagen Is The Most Important Structural Protein In Skin Cells And The Most Abundant Protein. In The Human Body, Collagen Accounts For More Than 25% Of The Whole Body Protein. It Is An Important Protein In The Human Connective Tissue And Widely Exists In The Skin. The Human Body Can Synthesize Collagen By Itself When There Is Sufficient Vitamin C And Protein Nutrition. However, With The Increase Of Age And The Damage Of "Ultraviolet Rays" And "Free Radicals", The Synthesis Rate Of Collagen Will Slow Down And The Loss Rate Will Be Reduced. Increase, Lead To The Loss Of Collagen, Make The Skin Loose, Wrinkles And Enlarged Pores And Other Problems.

​100% Collagen Essence Original Night From Japan, The Precious Collagen Essence Is Extracted From Natto Essence. Extremely Skin-Friendly, Extremely Fast Penetration, Extremely Moisturizing, Powerfully Locks Water, And Creates Supple And Bright Skin. The Stock Solution Is Highly Permeable And Has Extraordinary Efficacy:

  • Effective Deep And Lasting Moisturizing, Efficient Locking
  • Adjust The Ph Of The Skin And Maintain The Balance Of Water And Oil
  • Repair And Improve Pores
  • Promote The Skin's Self-Proliferation Natural Moisturizing Factor (Nmf) To Form A Moisture Barrier
  • Completely Improve Dry And Aging Skin, Roughness, And Restore Smooth Muscle

How To Use

After Cleansing And Toning In The Morning And Evening, Apply An Appropriate Amount On The Face, Followed By A Cream.

Key Benefits

Hydrating, Nourishing, Brightening, ​Firming


Product Valid Until November 2023

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