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Eonni Precious Placenta Essence

Eonni Precious Placenta Essence

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Placental Protein Originated In Japan

​Each Drop Is Formulated With A Luxurious 100% Pure Placenta Extract

Skin Returns To A Translucent, Hydrated, Youthful, Firm, Frozen-Age State

Contains High Concentration Of Placenta Essence, Mild In Nature, Can Effectively Supplement A Variety Of Amino Acids And Peptides, Egf, Igf Skin Growth Factors For The Skin, Rejuvenate Skin Cells, Fight Skin Aging, Help Improve Pigmentation, Fine Lines, Dry And Dull Complexion And Sagging Skin, And Reduce The Signs Of Aging; At The Same Time, It Can Inhibit The Formation Of Melanin, Whiten And Brighten The Complexion, And Restore The Skin To A Translucent, Hydrated, Youthful And Firm Frozen Age.

Each Drop Is Formulated With A Luxurious 100% Pure Placenta Serum, No Fragrance, No Coloring, No Additives, Safe And Secure For All Types Of Skin, Anti-Wrinkle, Light Spots, Firming, Lightening Laws Pattern. After Using For A Long Time, You Will Find That The Skin Will Become Better And The Complexion Will Be Improved. Even Without Makeup, The Complexion Will Be Very Good. After The Placenta Is Filtered, It Has No Peculiar Smell And Has A Transparent Texture.


Made In Japan

Product Valid Until December 2023

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