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Esse Foundation Probiotic All-In-One Sunscreen Foundation (#2 Only Available In Early July)

Esse Foundation Probiotic All-In-One Sunscreen Foundation (#2 Only Available In Early July)

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Esse< /Span>Means "Existence" In Latin.

Esse At  2002 By Chemist Trevor· Stay Well( Trevor Steyn) Founded. Stein Had Traveled To South Africa In Search Of Medicinal Plants For New Medicines. During The Process, It Was Found That Some Extracts From These Plants Can Be Applied To Skin CareProducts, So Esse< Span Face="Ms Gothic" Data-Mce-Fragment="1">,Make Sure To Bring These New Botanical Extracts To Market.

Esse< /Span>It All Started In South Africa And Has Worked Tirelessly To Gain A Foothold In The Emerging Market Of Organic Skin Care.

From2008Since The Launch Of The Human Microbiome Project, Trevor Has Been Actively Apply Breakthroughs In Human Microbiome Research To Skin Care And 2009 Span> Years Led The Company To Research Probiotic Skin Care Products. Early Research By The Human Microbiome Project Began To Change Some Of The Traditional Perceptions Of Skin, WhileEsse Also Began To View The Skin As An Ecosystem In Which Humans And Microbial Cells Coexist, And This New View Applied To Product Development. In The Future,Esse< /Span>Will Continue To Actively Research New Types Of Probiotics And Their Delivery Methods, And Use Them In Skin Care Products, Hoping To Fight Aging And Optimize Skin Health.

Microbiome-Friendly Overlay For Sensitive Skin

30 Ml/1 Fl Oz Airless Pump

Uniform Coverage. There Are Ten Shades To Choose From.
⦁ All Skin Types
⦁ Sensitive Skin Types
⦁ Microbiota Friendly
⦁ Daily Sunscreen

⦁ Biome+ Grades 2 And 3 Formula Means This Product Contains Probiotic Lysates And Lactobacilli That Engage Skin Cells. Contains 1 Million Inactivated Lactobacilli Per Ml.
⦁ Certified Organic Formula (Minerals Cannot Be Certified As Organic, So The Percentages Are Lower Than Normal).
⦁ Natural Iron And Titanium Oxide Overlay. The Mineral Particles Are Wax-Coated So They Don't Dry Out The Skin.
⦁ Uniform Distribution.
⦁ Supports Healthy Skin Microbiome With Prebiotics.
⦁ Broad Spectrum Spf30 Provides Strong Uv Protection To Slow Collagen And Elastin Damage.
⦁ Fragrance And Allergen Free, With Mild Preservatives And Probiotics To Support Sensitive Skin.

Main Ingredients
⦁ Mineral Coating Of Natural Iron And Titanium Oxides .
⦁ Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharides, Inulin And Yacon Root Extracts—Prebiotics That Support The Growth Of Beneficial Skin Microbes.
⦁ Lactobacillus And Lactobacillus Fermentation Products—Both Are Probiotic Extracts That Balance The Microbiome.
⦁ Probiotics Improve The Barrier Function Of Sensitive Skin.
⦁ Baobab Fruit Extract Is An Antioxidant And Prebiotic.

99% Natural
58% Organic
100% Vegan
100% Cruelty Free
215g Carbon Offset

How To Use
Apply A Small Amount On Fingertips And Spread Evenly Over Desired Area.
Apply Evenly. Cleanse At Night With Esse Makeup Remover

Gubi Tips: It Is Not Recommended To Use Other Skin Care Products At The Same Time⚠️< Strong>! ! !
Because Of Other Skincare Products Or Contains Alcohol, Fragrance, Artificial Coloring And Other Ingredients, Will Affect Or Even Destroy The Probiotics And Ph Value In The Product.

For Best Results, It Is Recommended To Use This Skincare Set Continuously For 28Days To Provide Sufficient Time For The Probiotics To Balance The Microbes Of The Facial Skin. Ecosystem.

Personal Experience: In Addition ToTonerOne Can Use2-3Months Long! Because This Set Of Products Has Good Ductility, A Small Amount Is Enough To Spread All Over The Face.

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