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Greentech Pureair Fridge Mini Freshener Sterilizer

Greentech Pureair Fridge Mini Freshener Sterilizer

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Feature Description:

- Uses Ionization And Ozone Technology
- Eliminates Unpleasant Odors In The Refrigerator
- Effectively Kills E. Coli, Staphylococcus And Other Bacteria And Prolongs Food Freshness
- Neutralizes Pesticides
- Large Capacity Rechargeable Battery , One Charge Can Be Used For 18-24 Days. Imported, American Brand


Feature Introduction:

- 18-24 Days Battery Life
- 20 Sq. Ft. Of Usable Space
- Suitable For Wardrobes, Shoe Cabinets, Home Toilets, Seating Tables, Carriages, Etc.
- Low Battery Indicator
- Product Obtained Rohs And Ce Certification


• Press The “On-Off Key” To Activate
• - The “Indicator” Lights Up Green, Indicating That The Pureair Mini Air Purifier Is Working Running.

• - The "Led" Will Automatically Turn Off In A Dark Environment, Saving Power And Avoiding Light Disturbances. It Will Continue To Function As Long As The Battery Is Charged.
• - If The "Led" Turns Off In A Bright Environment, It Means The Battery Is Dead And Needs To Be Charged.
• Press The On/Off Key Again To Turn Off The Product.


Cleaning And Maintenance:

It Is Recommended To Clean This Product At Least Once Every Three Months On A Regular Basis:

1. Turn Off The Product
2. Remove Dust From The Vents And Air Inlets.

Note: Please Do Not Blow Air Into The Vents And Air Inlets, Dust May Enter The Product And Cause Damage Or Affect The Function.

3. Moisten A Cotton Swab With Diluted Alcohol, Insert It Into The Vent And Air Inlet Slot, Gently Rotate And Clean The Entire Area Until All Visible Dirt Is Removed, Then Dry With A Clean Cotton Swab.
4. Wipe The Outside Of The Product With A Damp Cloth.
5. Allow It To Dry And Recharge Or Turn It On For Use.


Input Voltage: Dc 5v, Li-Ion Battery
Product Dimensions: 3.44”H X 2.875”L X 2.875”D

Weight: 175g
Battery Runtime: 18-24 Days
Product Operating Temperature : 0 To 60 Degrees
Ozone Output: 3 Mg/H
Effective Space Usage: Less Than 20 Square Feet

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