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Le Mont Botanique Bulgarian Pure Rose Water 100ml

Le Mont Botanique Bulgarian Pure Rose Water 100ml

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Bulgarian Pure Rose Water

Fresh, Organic

100% pure rose water
Naturally nourishes to relieve stress and balance body and mind

Product introduction

Using Damascus roses from the world-famous Bulgarian Rose Valley, extracted from fresh rose petals harvested in the annual flowering season through special distillation technology, LMB organic pure rose water fully preserves Damascus The extraordinary power of roses. Since ancient times, Damascus rose has been regarded as a symbol of love, beauty and health.

. Natural nourishment, effectively relieve stress, balance body and mind

. The brain releases the happy hormone endorphins and improves mood

. Effectively balance skin pH and keep skin fresh and hydrated

. Rejuvenates tired skin

. Helps cleanse and tighten pores

. Anti-aging, promote cell regeneration

. Detoxification and beauty, promote blood circulation

Natural active ingredients

Organic Damascus Rose Dew

No artificial colors. No artificial fragrance. Contains no artificial preservatives. Ingredients are vegan. Not tested on animals


Use in the morning, after the bath, before bed or anytime. Spray directly onto face, scalp, hair and body for instant refreshment.

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