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Le Mont Botanique Natural Beauty Tea (Tea Packaging)

Le Mont Botanique Natural Beauty Tea (Tea Packaging)

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Natural Beauty Tea (Tea Packaging)

with rose hips, damask rose, milk thistle, elderflower, mint

Alpine harvest in Bulgaria. Not chemically treated

Product introduction

Premium scented tea formula blended with natural rose hips, damask rose, milk thistle, elderflower and mint from Bulgaria's alpine regions, all hand picked, chemically free, and intact Preserves the original taste and best efficacy of the plant. The natural beauty tea formula is caffeine-free, drink it daily to help purify the body and strengthen the immune system, allowing you to radiate natural beauty from the inside out!

Main benefits of herbal tea formula:

Rose Hips
. Rich in vitamin C to boost immunity
. Activates cellular self-repair and regeneration
. Lighten fine lines and pigmentation scars

Milk thistle
. Protect and maintain liver health
. Enhance liver metabolism and detoxification capabilities
. Rebuild damaged hepatocytes

. Antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory
. Helps digestion and boosts metabolism
. Fresh aroma

Wild Damascus Rose
. Cleanse and detoxify
. Soothes the liver and relieves depression, soothes emotions

. Relieves asthma and cough, protects trachea
. Soothes flu, nasal allergies, respiratory discomfort
. Slow down body aging and oxidation

Natural active ingredients

Rose Hips 30%, Milk Thistle 30%, Mint 20%, Damascus Rose Petals 10%, Elderflower 10%


Infuse a tea bag with 275ml of hot water, wait for 2-3 minutes and enjoy. Suitable for daily consumption, both hot and cold.

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