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Le Mont Botanique 100% Organic Unrefined Rosehip Oil 3x5ml

Le Mont Botanique 100% Organic Unrefined Rosehip Oil 3x5ml

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Unrefined rosehip oil

100% organic fresh

Contains natural active plant enzymes, fresh!

Product introduction

LMB fresh pure rosehip oil, unrefined (unrefined), preserves active plant enzymes and other important nutrients intact. It is rich in natural vitamin C and retinoic acid, which can effectively enhance the natural self-repairing ability of skin and hair, accelerate metabolism, and enhance cell regeneration and replication. Packaged in individual vials, rosehip oil is guaranteed to be fresh, non-oxidized, and a natural food for the skin. After opening, it can remain active for 7 days, and only a small drop can bring the purest and best effect to your skin!

. Lighten scars and discoloration

. Repair and improve wrinkles

. Keep skin hydrated

. Evens out skin tone for firmer and brighter skin

. Nourishes hair, improves texture and enhances shine

Natural active ingredients

100% organic cold-pressed rosehip oil

No artificial colors. No artificial fragrance. Contains no artificial preservatives. Ingredients are vegan. Not tested on animals


Apply a small amount of rosehip oil evenly to face, body and hair to aid circulation and rapid absorption. Continued use for one month activates cell self-recovery. Suitable for stand-alone use or as the foundation of your daily skin, body and hair care with a spray of LMB Bulgarian Pure Rose Water.

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