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Esse Microderm Exfoliator Scrub (Arrival July)

Esse Microderm Exfoliator Scrub (Arrival July)

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/Span> Also Began To Regard The Skin As An Ecosystem Where Humans And Microbial Cells Coexist, And Applied This New View To The Development Of Products. In The Future,EsseWill Continue To Actively Research New Types Of Probiotics And Their Delivery Methods, And Use Them In Skin Care Products, Hoping To Fight Aging And Optimize Skin Health.

Probiotic Defense Spray

100ml/3.4 Fl Oz Glass Bottle (With Nozzle) And 250ml For Salon Use

Powerful Power Of Probiotics And Prebiotics To Boost Barrier Function And Hydrate To Provide Advanced Anti-Inflammatory Aging Effect.
⦁ All Skin Types
⦁ Acne
⦁ Dry
⦁ Oil
⦁ Pigmentation
⦁ Skin Aging

Product Features
⦁ Biome + Level 3 Formula – Which Means This This Product Contains Lysed Lactobacillus Bacteria Capable Of Docking To Skin Cells.
⦁ Hydrates, Refreshes And Enhances Skin Vitality. Twice A Day, After Two Weeks, You Can Usually See A Noticeable Improvement In The Skin's Breath.
⦁ Repair And Protect.
⦁ Reduces Inflammation.
⦁ Improves Firmness And Elasticity.

Main Ingredients
⦁ Lactobacilli – Composed Of Probiotic Cells That Have Been Lysed, They Are Still Able To Positively Influence The Interaction Between The Skin And Its Microbiome In The Following Ways:
⦁ Strengthens The Barrier Function And Protects The Skin.
⦁ Calms And Reduces Sensitivity.
⦁ Binds Collagen And Elastin.
⦁ Aloe Vera – Soothes And Calms Skin.
⦁ Lactic Acid – Hydrates And Reduces Fine Lines.
⦁ Prebiotics — Including Inulin, Hosima Extract And Alpha-Glucooligosaccharides Selectively Feed Good Skin Microbes To Support A Healthy Microbiome.

99% Natural
95% Organic
100% Vegan
100% Cruelty-Free
342g Carbon Offset

How To Use
Use Before Moisturizing. Shake The Toner Gently, Then Close Your Eyes, Press The Nozzle 4 To 6 Times Towards The Face And Chest, And Spray The Toner Evenly.

Spray On Toner To Hydrate And Refresh Your Skin's Probiotic "Shield".

Gubi Tips: It Is Not Recommended To Use Other Skin Care Products At The Same Time⚠️ < Strong>! ! !
Because Of Other Skincare Products Or Contains Alcohol, Fragrance, Artificial Coloring And Other Ingredients, Will Affect Or Even Destroy The Probiotics And Ph Value In The Product.

For Best Results, It Is Recommended To Use This Skincare Set Continuously For 28Days To Provide Sufficient Time For The Probiotics To Balance The Microbes Of The Facial Skin. Ecosystem.
< Br> Gubi
Hand Experience: Except For Toner, One Can Use2-3 Months Long! Because This Set Of Products Has Good Ductility, A Small Amount Is Enough To Spread All Over The Face.

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